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The Artist: Roberto Mamani

"I come from long ago, from a magnificent and great empire, from a cast of sorcerers, holy men, and the masters of the sun. This is my heritage: my grandfather Domingo Mamani, jilakata(Aymaran chief) of Tihuanacu and creator of the Altiplano( tableland region of South America where the most important pre-Columbian civilizations were established) Jaguar's dance -today Quena Quena-; my grandmother Juana Mamani Mamani, a visionary soul of the aymaran world, well knowing woman of the coca leaf spirit and matriarch of the Mamani Mamani lineage. My father Angel Mamani, indefatigable fighter and my mother Antonia Mamani, loving mama of her two children, Angelica and myself. This is me, Mamani Mamani... aymara."

-Roberto Mamani